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Kick Your Cajon into High Gear

The cajon drum is a versatile instrument with very humble beginnings. Cajons are also known as box drums, for the simple construction and look of the drums, but, they are a lot more than a glorified crate these days. Cajon drums serve a purpose in all types of music, from Latin to acoustic rock, and even as a portable seat for the drum circle drummer. But, even more important than the role these drums play in music is the accessories that can take the beat even further.

Cajon accessories help accent the beat with a variety of sounds for the ultimate rhythm experience. Since the cajon drum is played with both hands while sitting, many of the accessories available are designed to be played with the feet. So, to increase the impact of the rhythm, a cajon player can use a cajon pedal, kick box or stomp box. Cajon pedals act like bass drum pedals, hitting the cajon at a lower height than the hand, through the mechanical movement of the mallet attached to the pedal. Kick boxes and stomp boxes are wired into audio equipment for a kick sound, or to activate other sound modules.

For those who prefer keeping the acoustic sound of a cajon true to its roots, the addition of percussion accessories can easily enhance the sound, without taking away the sound nuances of the cajon. These accessories include foot tambourines, knee pads with snares or jingles, and even finger jingles. Each of these accessories use the movement of the drummer to accent the overall sound, without losing the original flavor of the cajon.

Cajon drumming is rapidly becoming a favorite among professional and hobby drummers around the world. Since cajons offer a wide range of sound, yet, are as portable as any other hand drum, the increased interest in the sound of these drums continues to inspire more and more accessories. Whether you are just beginning to play a cajon, or a pro drummer looking for a new range of sound, your answer may be the jingle and snap of a few good cajon drum accessories.

28th Oct 2014

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