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Just Discovered Audio Bliss - Djembe and Guitar Relaxing Songs

On its own, the djembe is a warm, relaxing, and energetic instrument that’s ideal for celebrations, dancing, or simply gathering with friends. But when a djembe meets a guitar, the result is pretty magical. You still get that warm, relaxing sound and even the energy that makes you want to get up and dance. But there’s also an intimacy to a sultry guitar backed by a simple yet exotic world drum rhythm.

The combination can create a variety of sounds and moods that can be both romantic and relaxing. Sometimes you’ll hear a hint of folk that’s perfect for drowning out the sounds of a busy coffee shop when you want to focus on your work while at other times, you’ll feel as if you’re roaming the adventurous and mysterious streets of a Latin city. No matter which mood the combination creates, djembe and guitar music will bring you to a calm, relaxing state.

Hear for yourself in the beautiful music track above! Can’t you just see yourself in the midst of a romantic dinner for two in a foreign city, relaxing during a much-needed massage, or sipping cold beverages on an empty beach? Tell us what you think about this unique combination in the comments section below.

28th Oct 2014

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