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Jana Broder And Drum Magic

When you deal with the stress at work or at home, you can explore a new and intuitive stress relieving activity called - drum magic. Drum magic was invented by Jana Broder. After years in the family catering business, Jana took a road trip all over the country where she ended up in a drumming class in Berkeley, CA. From that class, her passion for drums grew, and she understood the transcendent power of drum magic.

Drum magic is defined as an effective group activity performed by synchronizing drum beats. This activity can be used for team building efforts, and for groups to develop a sense of unity and community. Corporate or group drumming takes its roots from native rituals where men and women beat their drums together to symbolize their oneness with the tribe. With drum magic, Jana believes that synchronized drum beating is an effective way to combine the thought process of individual participants.

Drum magic helps individuals think alike in a rhythmic form. Participants feel that they are almost reading each other's mind with every beat. This mental communication is a stress relief since participants are given new outlets to display their energy. Drum magic can be done by anyone as long as he or she buys into the rhythm of the group. Drum magic has been proven to reduce personal barriers and increase affection within the group, making it a perfect team building activity.

Jana Broder believes that drum magic transcends our pretentions and wrong impressions with other people. Drum magic offers new ways to talk to other people, and have fun at the same time. This effective activity becomes a stress therapy, and individuals come home with changed hearts and renewed minds. Drum magic is continuously making circles in town festivals, community action events, and company meetings.

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29th Oct 2014

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