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It's Time to go Back to School and Drum!

Few things can put a smile on a child’s face, regardless of age or ability, than a room full of musical instruments ready to be played. The creative and expressive benefits of music for children are numerous, as well as the value in academics and self-esteem, making music education one of the most beneficial programs in schools today.

The benefits of music for children start as early as preschool, and continue throughout elementary, middle or junior high, and high school. Classes established to help children with special needs are also able to profit from the inclusion of music within the day’s instruction. All of these classrooms, as well as a dedicated music class, can benefit from the addition of simple drums and percussion instruments as a way to introduce and encourage music exploration in children. Often considered some of the more simple instruments, drums and percussion instruments not only seem less intimidating than brass, woodwind or string instruments, but easily encourage the participation of all children within the class.

In addition to the academic and creative value of drums and percussion instruments, grouping these instruments together has a natural ability to encourage teamwork and communication among kids (and adults!). A teacher-led drumming adventure has the potential to reach children on a natural level, bringing out smiles and an innate love of music and rhythm. For the teacher interested in sharing a music program with students, many classroom packages of drums are available to help take the guesswork out of which instruments work best together.

As our children all start back to school, giving them the gift of music within the classroom will have lasting, life-long benefits. Incorporating a simple drumming program within daily classroom instruction is a powerful way to connect with children, while helping them increase skills in all areas of their academic lives. Additionally, a classroom drumming program can help with communication and expression, interpersonal relationships and be a bridge between children of different abilities, teaching a love for each other through the message of music.

28th Oct 2014

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