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New Interactive Djembe App Realeased for the iPad

DjembePad 1.0 for iPad - Learn and Play Simulated African Djembe Drum

[] Sofia, Bulgaria - ONYX Apps today is pleased to introduce DjembePad 1.0, their realistic digital drum simulator and practice pad exclusively for iPad. Goatskin is replaced by a high-resolution IPS display, and the ancient and modern worlds meet. Loudness and tone are user controlled, and sounds include: slap, tone, bass, woodblock, and cowbell. An optional metronome helps aspiring percussionists master the rhythms of West Africa.

It is recommended that the user place the iPad in landscape orientation on their lap. Most sounds are created with the thumbs, but all 10 fingers can be used to achieve special rhythms, effects, and instrumentation. The user interface consists of half a goatskin drumhead. As with a real drum, the sound becomes increasingly reverberant as the player strikes the head closer to the rim. Volume is determined by proximity to the vertical axis (striking near the edges produces softer sounds than striking near the middle); hitting the iPad harder has no effect.

Using DjembePad allows the user to experience all the benefits of a real djembe and none of the drawbacks. Bass sounds, which are somewhat difficult to achieve on a real djembe hand drum, are easily produced by striking in the semi-circle labeled Bass at the top of the screen. Woodblock and cowbell sounds are to the left and right of the Bass zone at the top of the screen.

Feature Highlights:

* West African djembe drums are now played all over the world

* DjembePad is ideal for the beginner or advanced drummer

* Integrated metronome can be set at any bps to practice a steady beat

* Create different sounds by tapping different areas of the screen/drumhead

* Full tone and power of sounds can be heard using external plug-in speakers

* Play djembe anytime and anywhere on iPad

* Realistic sound and feel

Traditional djembe drums tend to be large and cumbersome, and cost upwards of $100. They're not ideal for taking to a party or a friend's house for a jam session, and they might not make the amateur drummer very popular with their neighbors. Bringing the primal energies of tribal drums to the digital world, DjembePad offers a realistic sound and feel, but the iPad weighs just 1.5 pounds and is 0.5 inch thin. One can practice anywhere, anytime, at any volume or with headphones. The app produces a rich natural sound with subtle variation, which the iPad's internal speaker cannot accurately reproduce. For the power and punch of a real drum external speakers or headphones are recommended.

"Drumming and drum circles are great fun," commented developer Eugene Klein. "Now with Djembe Pad anyone with an iPad can experience the magic."

Device Requirements:

* iPad Compatible

* iPhone OS 3.2 or later

* 10.1 MB


DjembePad 1.0 for iPad is available now for $1.99 (USD or equivalent in other currencies) from the App Store in the Music category. Review copies are available upon request.

29th Oct 2014

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