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Insightful Drumming

When life gives you lemons, they say to make lemonade. For anyone who is currently experiencing an entire era of Murphy’s Law, the desire to throw lemons at those people can be somewhat hard to overcome. Life is stressful; we all know that our families, friends, careers, children, health and financial situations can, at times, appear to be plotting against us. It is during these times that gaining introspection and insight can be a major benefit, and what better way to gain that perspective than through the power of the drum?

The act of drumming has a wide range of wellness benefits that can help improve lives overall. From physical exercise to stress reduction, a drum can be a true best friend when chaos strikes. This rhythmic assistance can do wonders for clearing the mind, allowing a drummer to find the space to see where problems are coming from, and even discovering ways to surmount the obstacles causing the stress. Drumming provides a natural avenue for clearing the mind, allowing clarity and creativity to take over, and at the very least, allowing respite from the anxiety of life.

More than the physical, however, is the chance to truly escape inward and discover strengths within. With a drum, drum circle or drumming event, a person can use the rhythms played as a way to de-clutter, live in the moment, and gain insight into the self. This self-awareness can not only provide a means to controlling the external messes, but, can also become a boost in self-confidence that carries a person through the harder times. There are few people who can say that after a session of drumming, whether alone or within a community environment, they do not have a better feeling of wellness overall. Whether it is the act of drumming, listening to the beat, collaboration or a host of other reasons, drumming can be a strong ally in self-discovery and insight.

During those times in life when it feels like nothing is going right, one of the best ways to get past those feelings is to take matters into your own hands and find a solution. Sometimes, this proactive stance on navigating the waters of life can be as simple as grabbing a favorite djembe or sitting down at a drum set and beating away confusion, fear and angst. Drumming may not the a perfect solution to fighting against the difficult lessons of life, but it surely is one of the more fun ways to find a better perspective, and maybe learn a little about yourself in the process.

28th Oct 2014

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