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How to Start a Drum Circle

A drum circle can be a synchronistic event where people merge together, bearing drums and hand percussion instruments, to create a community and express a love of music and rhythm. Usually, however, it takes a little bit of planning to make the magic happen, especially where drumming is concerned. Drum circles are not easy when it comes to the logistical planning, but by keeping a few ideas in mind, the experience can be wholly beneficial to the leader and participants in the drum circle.

Leaders of a drum circle must have a drum or other percussion instrument, as well as experience as a drummer. Djembe drums are great for leading a drum circle, as the natural tone and resonance makes them a fantastic foundation for other drums and percussion instruments. Djembe drums are versatile, inexpensive and classic additions to a drum circle. It may also be a good idea to have additional drums and instruments available for participants without their own drums.

Finding participants for a drum circle has been made easier through the channels of the Internet. From websites that help groups organize together based upon mutual interests or demographics to classified ad sites, the ability to recruit new members is much easier today than it was in years past. Posting flyers and other information for potential participants can help, as well. Music stores, new age shops, and alternative health providers can all be great ways to appeal to those who may be interested in joining a drum circle. Colleges, universities, libraries and community centers can all offer at least a space on a bulletin board to pin an informational flyer.

Once the drums and percussion instruments have been obtained, and a number of people have indicated an interest in joining the drum circle, the drum circle leader should be able to provide a location, time and date for the event. From the basement or living room to parks, beaches or indoor public locations, there are many options available for holding a drum circle. Get creative, and try to centralize the location to accommodate as many people in an area as possible.

Starting a drum circle can be one of the greatest adventures in a drummer’s life. While the end goal is a community expression of rhythm and music, the challenges and triumphs that come with bringing people together can be just as affirming as the drumming itself.

29th Oct 2014

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