How to Play Konowulen Rhythm on Dununba

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In this lesson Michael Pluznick will show you how to play the traditional Konowulen Rhythm on Dununba. The lesson runs just over 17 minutes and shows how to play the dununba ballet style so that you can play it with less players while still getting the full sound spectrum.

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In this video:

  • How to play all the djembe accompaniment parts
  • Solo technique
  • Exercise for learning the feel of this rhythm
  • How to play the dununs ballet style and one at a time
  • Slow motion segments for easy to follow learning
  • How to play the kenkeni and djembe part at the same time

To Download The Full Lesson, Click Here:

This video was made using the new MP Eco Pro djembe and the Toca Percussion Dunduns. Available at


Pluznick djembe

by Michael Pluznick

Internationally-recognized musical djembe drummer and percussionist, Michael Pluznick has introduced his new Signature Eco-Pro Djembe Drums and Instructional DVD for Djembe Players now available at

29th Oct 2014

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