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How to Get Drumming Endorsements

The life of a drummer is a journey of music, rhythm and the chance to experience new and different drums and gear. Drum manufacturers love the ability to promote a product through the hands of a talented drummer, but, getting drum endorsements can be a tricky goal to achieve. As a great way to bring a performance to the next level, getting a drumming endorsement is a milestone in any drummer’s career… and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love free stuff?

Often times the ability to get drumming endorsements doesn’t have to do as much with a level of ability as it does a level of visibility. Companies want to represent players who are in the public eye, so, the best way to ensure a mutually beneficial drumming endorsement is to get out there and rock the drums you have.

Companies prefer to sponsor or endorse drummers who are talented, experienced and know how to make their instruments look and sound amazing. Endorsing drummers who have appeared on recordings, with other popular musicians or those who play in public regularly benefits the drum manufacturers. It also helps if a drummer looking for an endorsement holds a teaching position because it allows for credibility as well as influence over other young or developing musicians. If a student’s favorite teacher swears by this brand, it’s likely that the student will as well. If a company is going to endorse a drummer, it will expect a return on the investment, so, be willing and able to endorse the drums and gear as well.

Drumming is a fun and relaxing hobby with a lot of proven health benefits. Even without the recognition and endorsements from major companies, anyone can still enjoy a musical life as a drummer. Drumming endorsements are a great thing for a drummer’s career, but, the actual art of drumming can be the absolute best part of the entire gig.

29th Oct 2014

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