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Holidays, Celebrations and Drums

With the sun breaking through the clouds, the birds chirping and the winds of spring in full swing, celebrations, parties and festivals may be on the minds of many. Whether the winter season was full of snow, or just gray and rainy, spring can be a great time to not only shake off the dust from the colder months, but also the perfect time to plan the next great celebration in life. As tradition dictates in many cultures, drumming has always been a large part of celebrations and holidays, bringing music, rhythm and fun together in unforgettable events and lifelong memories.

Weddings, engagements and anniversaries are celebrations of love, romance and the joining of lives together. Drumming has always been a part of these declarations of love and affection, throughout the world, marking the intimate connection between people with a steady rhythm and blessing them with the joyful beat of a djembe, the thrilling bop-bop-bop of the bongos or the clickity-clack of the claves.

Birthdays mark the passing of time in a person’s life, acknowledging yet another year of wisdom gained, and the triumph over any difficulties. Drums can not only be a way to mark this time and bring together a beloved circle of friends, but also make great gifts, especially for the person who already has everything. Even the person who already has a nice collection of drums can appreciate the new sound brought by a tumbadora or doumbek.

Holidays may be some of the best times to break out the drums and get a rhythm going. Imagine drumming to a fireworks display on Independence Day, or beating a rhythm in anticipation of a Memorial Day barbeque. Wrapping up the warm months on Labor Day can be one of the best reasons to bring family, friends and neighbors together in a drumming event that marks the end of the heat, and welcomes the slower months ahead.

Drumming has been a part of celebrations around the world throughout history. With the hurried lives of people today, the ability to mark special occasions with a drum or hand percussion instrument can deepen the meaning and connections of the celebrations. Get a drum and make some music while celebrating the best times that life has to offer.

29th Oct 2014

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