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Holiday Drumming and Celebrations

A holiday celebration is nothing without food, fun, friends, family… and drumming. The end-of-year holidays in December keep us all jumping, whether with kids, taking care of business, preparing too much food, or shopping for perfect gifts. This time, however, is also when we reflect on the previous year or years, appreciate our lives a little more, and take time to celebrate with those we love the most. For drummers, there is no better way to celebrate these days than by sharing a love of music of rhythm, and encouraging those loved ones to join in the fun with a holiday drum circle.

Drumming is naturally spiritual, and an activity that establishes and strengthens bonds between people. The success of a drum circle is thought to be found in the responses of those adding to the beat, as well as those just listening or foot-tapping alongside a djembe or set of bongos. Drumming engages the young and the old and does not discriminate against the level of musical or physical ability. Cultures around the world use drumming in conjunction with celebrations and holidays, using the joy of music and rhythm to lift spirits and encourage togetherness within tribes and within families.

Scientifically speaking, the rhythms played in a drum circle are much like heartbeats and the sounds of nature, creating feelings of calm and wellness that are suited to a celebration of togetherness while decreasing stress and anxiety levels overall. So, not only does drumming promote and increase connections between people, but drumming can also reduce the stresses of the holiday season.

During the holidays, with spiritual vibes already in full swing and family and friends gathering, drumming can create lasting memories of happy times, and encourage new traditions for years to come. When the time comes to turn off computers and phones and share in the true meaning of the holidays, remember that we are all connected through the rhythms of our hearts. Take some time to share the love of music and rhythm this holiday season with family, friends and neighbors, and watch how such a simple act can create positive change in the lives of those you love.

28th Oct 2014

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