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Holiday Drum Circles for Family Gatherings

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, filling homes with great food and drinks, family, friends, and loved ones. It’s a time to celebrate the joys of the year, unwind and look forward to the promise of a new year. With the slower pace of the holiday season, after the food has been eaten and the presents opened, a lull in the frenzied relaxation can make even the best holiday celebration challenging. For family gatherings and holiday events, a drum circle can lift spirits, while still enabling a relaxing atmosphere to prevail.

The community aspect of drumming is a cultural phenomenon, one that brings together people from all walks of life. Within a family or gathering of friends and acquaintances, drumming can be a way to strengthen “tribal” bonds and allow for some fun and interesting entertainment. No matter the age or ability, a family celebration is a great time to pull out a Djembe, Bongo or Doumbek drum and encourage others to follow the leader and join in the fun. For those hesitant about drumming, hand percussion instruments like chimes, claves, maracas or a Shekere can help to break the rhythmic ice, while still adding to the overall sound and feel of the drumming experience.

With a typical family gathering including young children and seniors, drums and percussion instruments can be a foundation for common ground between the generations. Mobility and physical issues that can occur due to age or developmental milestones are less important while drumming, and especially while drumming with family and friends. Plus, the entire drumming experience can decrease anxiety that is associated with holiday celebrations, for the young and old. Putting all of this together can be a memorable experience for all involved, and a force for health and wellness through the power of music, rhythm and togetherness.

Whether a holiday season includes a large gathering of friends and relatives from around the world, or just a few small, intimate moments with loved ones, drumming can strengthen family ties while helping to relax and soothe away the anxiety that the holidays can bring. Plus, Djembes, Cajons and other hand percussion instruments make unique and memorable gifts for those people on your list that are the hardest to shop for.

29th Oct 2014

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