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Have Your Drum and Play it, Too!

Drums are a fun, expressive instrument. They can help to reduce stress and promote a general sense of wellness. However, some people are hesitant to start playing the drums because of the noise levels associated with drumming. Luckily generations of drummers have come up with solutions to this problem. That way you can play with your drums and control the sound quality too.

You can always buy drum pads or commercial dampening products such as Moongel to quiet a drum. Some people prefer the sounds that are produced with commercial products, while others like to be more in control of the sound they are producing. Before buying a product it can be a good idea to play around with some simple home techniques.

You can reduce the resonance of a drum with a four inch piece of cloth. You place the strip against the inside of the drumhead. Then you secure it by tightening the tuning rim. Be sure to place the strip of cloth either on the left or right side of the drumhead, not in the center.

To muffle the sound of a bass drum you can put blankets or pillows in your drum. However, it is important to not fill your drum completely. If you stuff your drum with too many blankets and pillows you will cut off the vibrations and kill the sound entirely. If you want to adjust the sound you can try moving the stuffing around until the sound is just right.

To muffle a snare drum you can place some paper or tape where the drum sticks will not hit the drum. You can experiment with different materials and different thicknesses to get different results. You can also tape one or more business cards to the bottom edge of your drum. Play around with the placement of these objects, as that will also affect your sound.

Experimenting and expanding on these ideas will help you discover the perfect sound quality you are looking for. You can change the tone and volume of your instruments quickly, easily, and at very little cost. Using these techniques you can have all the fun of drumming without disrupting the people around you. Don’t let something that can be easily solved hold you back from exploring a new hobby or pursuing an old love.

28th Oct 2014

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