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Halloween Costumes for Drummers

The season is upon us, as leaves turn brilliant shades of red and gold, cooler winds blow, and pumpkins sprinkle the landscape to remind us of the fun and carefree days of fall and Halloween. With or without children to beg for candy from neighbors, Halloween is a great excuse to put a great amount of thought and planning into an alter ego and find that perfect costume to compliment your favorite drum or percussion instrument.

Since a drummer’s life is always hectic, we have devised some simple and fun Halloween costume suggestions to help ease the stress involved with choosing just the right costume.

Frat boy: Slap on a baseball cap, a favorite, strategically wrinkled shirt and maybe some pants. Encase your Djembe in a silver cylinder and call it a keg!

Witch: Witches come in all shapes and sizes. The scariest (and most fun!) witch of all carries a mystical drum-shaped cauldron that can easily be used to accompany the haunting rhythms of the night, or that evil cackle within.

Hippie: This may be the easiest of all the costume ideas, along with the Beatnik. Dress the part, bring your Bongos, and be free to explore the rhythm in your soul, man.

X8 Drums Guy: We couldn’t resist this one! Paint yourself red, spike up your hair and practice your best Djembe-inspired dance!

Retro Majorette/Drum Major: Rock the old school, marching band style. Grab some white boots, a tall, colorful hat, and strap on a Cuica drum. Go, team, go!

Master Chef: What’s being cooked up tonight, Chef? A big, steaming pot of rhythm, that’s what! With a ladle, chef’s hat and unbeatable cooking aptitude, your Kettledrum can easily appease the appetite of the masses.

Drum Mom/Dad: Everyone needs a place to set their drum while at a party or out trick-or-treating. Tuck your favorite Djembe or Conga drum into a stroller, paint some bags under your eyes and wheel your “baby” around in style.

Clown: Clowns can get away with carrying around just about anything.

Ninja Drummer: What was that noise coming from that shadowy corner? It sounds like a drum! Oh, no, it’s the Ninja Drummer!

Death by Drumming: Cut up drum sticks into thirds and glue the ends to a shirt so that it looks like you were recently impaled by the God-like force of drumming. Attach one to your face, on your neck or anywhere else you want to make an epic statement. Be sure to add plenty of fake blood and wear sunglasses.

Halloween is a great time to let your inner drummer shine, regardless of the costume you choose. Whether you dress up, hide, pass out candy or make the party circuit, there’s no better time to bust out an amazing drumming-inspired costume that shows the world your love for music, rhythm and drums.

29th Oct 2014

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