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Gretsch Entry Level Drum Sets

Gretsch, a leader in drum manufacturing, has two great entry level drum sets: Gretsch Energy and Gretsch Renegade. The Renegade drum set features ball-style tom holders, 45-degree bearing edge, two 13” hi-hats and one 18” crash/ride brass cymbals, double-braced hardware that includes stylized Gretsch Renegade pedal boards and drum throne, 1.5mm triple flanged hoops, Remo UC heads, PVC gloss and metallic wraps, and chrome hardware.

The Gretsch Energy drum set features telescopic BD spur with an adjustable rubber spur tip, 1.6mm triple-flanged hoops, 10.5mm tom bracket with memory lock, double-braced hardware (snare stand, hi-hat stand, BD pedal, boom stand, and straight stand), Sabian SBR pack (two 13” hi-hats, one 16” crash/ride, one 20” ride), and two tom clamps with 10.5mm L-rods and memory locks.

Both drum sets are perfect for a beginner drummer and offer the high quality for which Gretsch is well-known. The drum sets will grow with a young beginner, since they can be adjusted for height. The pre-configured shell pack comes with a 16”x22” bass drum, mounted toms of 7”x10” and 8”x12”, a 14”x16” floor tom, and a 5 ½”x14” 8 lug. The Renegade is a more basic entry level set, offering the drummer an opportunity to customize the set as she or he becomes more experienced and develops more of an understanding for what kind of playing she or he wants to do. The quality construction can withstand anything the novice drummer puts out. It comes in the colors of metallic wine red, solid jet black, and metallic silver.

The Energy drum set is a step up from the Renegade set. Constructed with the same quality as the Renegade set and with more cymbals and upgraded hoops, locks, and clamps, this entry level set allows for more playing options right out of the box. It also comes with a slightly larger bass drum (18”x22”). In addition to the pre-configured shell pack, drummers considering the Energy set have the option of buying an 8-piece double bass shell pack. This shell pack comes with the same drums provided in the other sets except it includes another 18”x22” bass drum and there are three mounted toms, sized 7”x8”, 8”x10”, and 9”x12”. Purchasing the Energy set as a first drum set could give the drummer more playing variety before needing to buy an advanced level kit. It is available in grey steel, white, and black. The 8-piece double bass shell pack is available in grey steel and black.

Gretsch is a top manufacturer of professional USA custom drum sets. The drums are all hand-crafted in South Carolina by experienced and highly skilled drum smiths, which is part of why Gretsch drums have such a legendary reputation. Many people choose Gretsch for their first drum set and remain loyal to the brand as their need for advanced level kits arises because the Gretsch sound quality and construction are consistently excellent. The company offers more than 75 drum sizes and over 60 finishes, guaranteeing that the beginning drummer can foster a life-long love with Gretsch drums. 

28th Oct 2014

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