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Global Admiration: Drum Circle Around the World!

A drum circle participant, facilitator or audience understands the power that rhythm and drumming brings to us all. With the slapping of djembe drums, the shaking of maracas and the beat of a cajon, a drum circle becomes more than a way to share a love of drums, percussion and dancing: it becomes a uniting experience for all to behold.

It is no secret why people love drum circles, or why more and more “outsiders” are trying out the experience, only to be hooked. Many of us look forward to a regularly scheduled drum circle as a creative outlet, time with friends and a chance to experience all of the wonders of drumming. However, not everyone has the ability to physically attend a local drum circle. There are busy schedules, lack of transportation or even an absence of organized drum circles that must be considered when searching for a “tribe” to call one’s own. Sadly, many people miss out on the chance to experience rhythm and the positive benefits it can bring to the self, to others, and to the world.

In this light, Drum Circle Around the World, makes perfect sense: why not establish a global drumming event based upon the most natural time-keeper we know: the moon?

DrumCircle Around the World was established in December, 2012, according to its Facebook page and Founder, Ken Thornton, and has been encouraging rhythm ever since. Based upon the cycle of the moon, drummers and percussionists are encouraged to sit down for one hour and drum at sunset in their respective time zone during a full moon. At the end of the hour, that time zone’s “drum circle” moves to the next time zone, carrying the beat into the continuous sunset across the planet. This action creates a true circle of rhythm and drumming that follows the path of the moon and unites all participants in a global effort and adoration of drums and percussion… and more.

All participants are encouraged to “send out love through drumming,” meaning that with such a large, global intention of love, positive benefits can be created for everyone. This intention is a familiar part of any drum circle; to express love and joy through the beat of the drum or the shake of a tambourine, or by simply being within the beat and radiating positive energy to others. On a global level, participants feel united, whether drumming alone at home or within a group of other drummers. Each full moon, we are united through the rhythm started by Drum Circle Around the World, and for a drummer (or anyone!), what could be better than being part of a global groove?

This Sunday, August 10, 2014, is the next Drum Circle Around the World. We encourage everyone to grab a drum, get ready for sunset and start drumming, clapping, dancing and embracing rhythm in a whole new light. Drums and percussion instruments bring us all closer, whether in our own towns or through shared cultural ties, and expressing that connection doesn’t get any better than the Drum Circle Around the World.

6th Aug 2014

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