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Fun Ways to Include Drumming in Your Life

The beat of a drum, the steady pounding of a rhythm as it carries the listener through a song, or encourages other drummers to beat out a complimentary cadence can be an amazing way to wind down, find inner peace or just have fun. With the day to day obligations that are faced by people, it can, ironically, be hard to find the time or motivation to get into the drumming groove. As a service to the public, we present five fun and relatively unconventional ways to include drumming in your life.

  1. Your car is your recording studio. Maybe not a real recording studio, but the enclosed space is perfect for imitating the same feel of a real recording studio. For drummers, this also allows several surfaces within reach that are perfect for drumming. The ceiling of the car, the rearview mirror, and the obvious steering wheel can all be used to create an imaginary drum collection that can even make commuting fun.
  2. Home improvement stores are drumming genius. Think about it, the different surfaces available throughout a home improvement store can make a polyrhythmic sensation. The metal shelving, light fixtures, tile samples, and, of course the buckets are all easy ways to express one’s inner drummer, while buying gear to soundproof the basement.
  3. Beer and wine are just plain fine. Those barrels used to store wine and beer scream out to be drummed on. The different woods used, or the metal of the “newer” barrels (we call them “kegs”) have a range of tones that can really rock a great solo or be a fun way to start up a drum circle. Furthermore, breweries and wineries welcome the chance to recreate the experience of repurposing storage containers for drums. Just ask them.
  4. Music stores need your help. Local music stores have drums. Usually, there are a few out for demonstration purposes, and there’s little more a locally-owned music store likes than to draw in customers from the street through the magic of an improv drum circle. Use a Djembe or some bongos to get the other customers into the groove, and show your drum love.
  5. Fitness gurus recommend rhythm. What personal trainer or exercise lobbyist doesn’t say that including music and rhythm into a workout improves the overall motivation it takes to stick out an hour at the gym? In case you forget your iPod, this music is within your reach. Tap out a few beats on the treadmill, complimenting the pace made by your feet. Beat against the wall of a Zumba studio or turn a racquetball game into an interactive drum circle. The possibilities are endless.

Drumming is one of the best whole-body-and-mind ways to reduce stress, explore creativity and learn about the amazing benefits of music and rhythm. When it seems like there is never enough time to really get a good rhythm going, the best motivation comes from within, and can be found in some unusual and fun places. By keeping up drumming, even when a favorite Djembe isn’t available, a drummer can continue to keep driving the beat and making beautiful music at the same time.

29th Oct 2014

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