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From the Marching Band to BatalaNYC

Stacy Kovacs is almost famous. A recent interview with the self-proclaimed marching band dork was recently published on Auto Straddle. Stacy is the musical director of BatalaNYC, the all-women, New York City chapter of the global arts project called Batala. The band is an AfroBrazilian Drum Band that plays Samba Reggae. There are Batala bands all over the world and they wear the same clothing styles, play the same drums, use the same hand gestures, and play the same arrangements. Their drums are all handmade in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, where Samba Reggae is typically heard. BatalaNYC formed in 2012. Read more here: Almost Famous: Stacy Kovacs, Batala NYC

28th Oct 2014

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