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Fire Dancing and Drumming

Drumming isn't just about music and rhythm, style, tempo and fun. Drumming is a way to connect with others on a level that is unmatched in most community-based music events. Drumming is a versatile art that speaks on many levels, to people from all across the world. It encourages the expression of other drummers and percussionists, different instrumental styles, movement of all types and, of course, dancing with fire.

Fire and drumming are both cultural celebrations of life, transformation and personal expression. Fire represents rebirth and transformation, and is revered for its ability to both help and harm. Fire dancing builds upon these beliefs, telling stories and reflecting its legendary power as it swirls and twirls through the movements of its most respected handlers. Usually attributed to Polynesian cultures, fire dancing can be seen in different venues and festivals around the world, and is commonly seen in many belly dance or other tribal dance performances and has made its way into large-scale events like the Cirque de Soleil.

Fire dancing is a combination of different techniques combined with a variety of tools. Fire poi, fire torches and fire knives each demonstrate the beauty and power of fire with a style that fits with a variety of music. Within a drum circle or drumming event, fire dancers can twirl a fire staff while drummers and participants sit a safe distance away, beating on a Djembe, bongos or other percussion instrument to encourage and inspire the movements of the dance.

The magic of fire dancing comes with the awe-inspiring respect of dancers that use drum and percussion rhythm to express the essence of fire. While a fire dancer is an unforgettable sight to behold, the fire dance is an especially memorable event with the accompaniment of drums and percussion instruments. Celebrating heritage, creativity and intent is always an important part of any drum circle, the expression of those cultures brings people together in a global celebration of art.

29th Oct 2014

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