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Female Drummer Anika Nilles Combines Unique Style with Musicianship

In an art form and musical profession littered with men, it’s always refreshing to see a chick behind a drum kit. Anika Nilles doesn’t just play the drums - she rocks them! She also composes her own music. In addition to drumming and composing and publishing her music, Nilles studies Pop Music Design at the University of Popular Music and Music Business in Mannheim, Germany. With a knowledge of and pure passion for music, Nilles displays musicianship and musicality while maintaining individual style and creativity.

Watch Nilles do her thing in the following video, in which she performs her own composition titled “Alter Ego”:

With her talent for rhythm and unique style, Nilles is the perfect role model for young aspiring female drummers. Nilles proves that women can handle a pair of sticks and drive a band. She also exudes the message that girls should do what they love and be confident when doing it, even when they’re stepping into territory traditionally dominated by guys.

Want to rock out using the same gear as Nilles? In the video, Nilles is playing on Meinl cymbals, a Mapex Orion kit, and Aquarian drumheads using Rohema Percussion sticks.

28th Oct 2014

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