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Enhancing Your Cajon Sound

Cajon drums are gaining popularity throughout the world, and in all genres of music, as they bring a wealth of rhythmic possibilities to music, through what appears to be a very simple instrument. It is, however, more than just a wooden box to beat. This drum can replicate the sound of an acoustic drum set, as well as color the tone of the beat with unique tones and an unparalleled amount of creativity for the drummer.

A standard cajon drum is a wooden panel box drum constructed from oak, pine, birch or teak, while other cajons today are also made from fiberglass or acrylics. The type of wood used in the construction of the drum can color the tone to an extent, but the overall sound of it has warmth and an acoustic flair. Many cajon drums come to life with simple guitar strings, wires or snares affixed to the inside of the drum. Snare cajons, like the Meinl Headliner Cajon, are versatile in both the sound produced, as well as the portability of the drum itself. Cajons with snares, wires or guitar strings are adjustable, allowing the drummer to personalize the sound of the drum quickly and easily, also allowing a change in sound during a performance or gathering.

In addition to the internal customization of the sound, manufacturers are also producing more accessories and sound-enhancing products for the drum. LP’s Kevin Ricard Cajon has a sliding baffle to adjust the pitch and volume of the sound, while the Gon Bops Pedal Cajon has an attached pedal, reminiscent of a hi-hat pedal that allows bass tones to be played with the foot, creating more complex, layered rhythms on the drum. Detachable accessories, such as microphones and pedals for effects, either electronic or acoustic, help take the sound to the next level for all types of drummers.

Cajon drums may have a simple appearance, but the sound and rhythmic possibilities of these drums are endless. They are well-known and loved in all settings, from live performances on stage to acoustic sets among friends. With the countless sound enhancements, building a personal sound within any genre of music is only limited by the creativity of the drummer her or himself.

28th Oct 2014

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