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Cancer touches the lives of one in three women and one in two men. Whether a person is diagnosed, or has a family member or loved one with the “C” word, the prevalence of cancer is astounding. Scott L. Swimmer, Founder and President of DrumsForCures, Inc., is one person who was touched personally by cancer. Both he and his son battled their diseases and turned to music and rhythm as a means of support through the ordeals they faced. The annual drumming benefit, drumSTRONG, is the result of their fight.

The concept is simple – 28 hours of continuous drumming for charity by people in cities, in the suburbs, rural areas, inside and outside of the U.S., raising money to help education, research, survivorship and cancer health efforts. Funds raised are donated to local and national cancer organizations, including Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG foundation. Drummers are encouraged to grab their Djembes and other hand drums, join up with friends or locate local efforts already in place, and participate in the drumming marathon.

At the same time as participants drummed for cancer, they also tried to break the record for the longest continuous rhythm drum circle ever held. Not only did participants help such a worthy cause, but they also were part of history in the making. Not bad for a few hours of drumming with friends. The event was held May 15 & 16, 2010 in Weddington, NC. Along with drumming, there was a health fair, children's activities, yoga, belly dancers, tai chi, Djembe and other drums for sale, and much more.

By participating in drumSTRONG, drummers and percussionists use their rhythmic skills and love of music to stand, or sit, against cancer. For these drummers, the drumSTRONG experience may honor their own loved ones who have passed, but for others, drumSTRONG represents their own courage and will that gave them strength to fight and win against cancer. Form your team, register for drumSTRONG, and help fight cancer.

29th Oct 2014

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