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Drumstick Twirling 101

There is a lot of artistry in drumming, no matter the style or genre one chooses to play. Drumming behind a drum set allows for a full range of possibilities in rhythm, motivation and even emotion, and many drummers are content to sit behind a rig and beat the night away, so to speak. Then there are the drummers who like to add a little personal style, or, who just like to show off their dexterity and skill. These are the drummers who not only grab our attention with the pounding on a snare drum or set of toms, but, with the talent required to twirl a drumstick (and not launch it across the stage).

drum sticks. Using these skills can not only increase your visual appeal, but, will also challenge your dexterity and increase your ability to play your own rhythms, your own way.

28th Oct 2014

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