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Drums: The Perfect Present for Everyone on Your List

The holiday season can make us all crazy. We’ve got families to visit, meals to cook, office parties and a whole lot of shopping to get done in just a few weeks. Because this is such an important part of the year for everyone, it only makes sense that at the end of it all, we just want to relax with our loved ones and enjoy the feeling of not running ourselves ragged. So, you should get everyone you know drums and percussion instruments for the holidays.

Drums are natural stress relievers, and encourage warm feelings from everyone who plays them. Combine that with multiple drums, hand percussion instruments and people who are playing them together and you have a holiday family gathering that is unique, fun, and ultimately therapeutic. What family doesn’t need a little therapy?

By giving everyone a drum, you’re giving them the chance to creatively express themselves. Even a few finger taps on a djembe by Aunt Sue is enough to get that holiday percussion spirit blooming. Maybe Grandpa used to play an instrument in a band when he was younger – there’s still music and rhythm in those hands, so give him the chance to show you how it’s done!

Kids, of course, love drums and making music. By putting drums in the hands of adults and kids, you’re giving your family the lesson that each member has a voice that is to be celebrated. Kids may especially take the lead in starting things off, giving adults the freeing feelings of youth, and encouraging each person to really get into the beat.

With drums and hand percussion instruments at a holiday gathering, you’re going to be a part of the “drum circle effect” that happens when people drum together. Not only will the drums help relieve stress and anxiety, but, there is a natural increase of endorphins that happens when drumming that will encourage stronger bonds between all members of your family.

For you, you know that you’re responsible for not only starting up a new tradition in your family, but, that you were able to share such an important part of yourself with others. You had this “crazy” idea to surround your loved ones with rhythm, drums and percussion instruments, and you may have just succeeded in changing their lives for the better. If nothing else, you gave everyone a really great present that will be talked about for years to come.

The “gift of experience” that drums gives to us all is one that is unforgettable. Most of us are able to pick out a new sweater or decorations for our homes, but, we aren’t always willing to explore new experiences. That means that the drum you hand out during the holidays can be a springboard for someone’s new perspective and passion on life – and it doesn’t even have to be drumming. It can just open their eyes to something new and give them the confidence to break out of a rut and explore the world outside their busy routine.

Or, there's always this family "drumming" activity.

When you’re making your list of holiday gifts, don’t forget that the same reasons you are in love with drums, percussion instruments and rhythm could inspire the people you love to find their own groove. No spatulas required.

14th Nov 2014 Kristin Stancato

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