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Drums Make Karaoke (Even More) Fun!

Everyone loves karaoke, right? Well, almost everyone. Our voices are our first instruments and for those of us who enjoy playing, karaoke may conjure visions and memories of unparalleled fun. Perhaps the hardest thing to overcome with karaoke is the actual performing. For this reason, finding a Japanese- or Korean-style karaoke bar benefits many budding karaoke stars. And, for those who love karaoke, another layer has been added to the already tantalizing act of singing in public: drumming.

Karaoke drumming happens when an individual takes a drum into the karaoke bar in order to play along to the music. This has a few benefits. First of all, it opens the doors of karaoke fun to people who may have never considered it in the past. While many people are self-conscious about their singing abilities, leading to a refusal to ever participate in public singing except when intoxicated, drumming seems to be something most people are comfortable trying no matter the environment. It’s almost as if people perceive the opportunity to beat a drum as a human right. Or perhaps we are not inundated with drumming celebrities, so everyone feels equally inept at the skill. Regardless of reason, when people see drums, they have to fight the urge to bang on them, to follow the beat of their own drum, in a sense.

In the world of karaoke, drumming may be the great equalizer. If singing seems like too much exposure, drumming may not seem like enough. What we have seen with the popularity of video games like Rock Band is that people love the challenge of playing along with their favorite bands or to their favorite songs. Karaoke drumming brings that love out of the living room and into the public domain. Another benefit is that duos or group performances can be more enjoyable for everyone involved. The friend or family member who normally has to be dragged to the microphone may now beat you to it since the drums are calling.

Karaoke drumming is a way to allow our inner performer out in a different way. Since karaoke is an interactive performing experience, most of the people who participate in it want to cheer others on. Adding drumming to an already lively activity allows those among us who are more self-conscious about our voices to enjoy a bit of spotlight, too. Drumming, while seemingly instinctive, is a challenging activity and allows us to use the jitters that may accompany a public performance. When you think of it like that, karaoke drumming might be the best invention since drumming, itself.

28th Oct 2014

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