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Drums for Stress Relief

Drumming has long been used for its therapeutic effects. Throughout human history, drumming has been a tool that has helped bring about emotional change and relief for interpersonal problems. Therefore, the resurgence in the acceptance of using drums for stress relief is not surprising. Many people who drum regularly or who participate in drum circles have expressed how drumming helps them feel calmer and more relaxed. People walking by drummers banging away on their instruments have felt a shift within themselves and feelings of rejuvenation and inspiration.

Because of the immediate effect drumming seems to have upon people, more and more studies are being conducted to gather data on just how drumming impacts us and how it brings about so many benefits. Music is continually shown to have a positive effect upon our ability to cope with stress and anxiety, even helping to reduce the symptoms of depression, autism, and Parkinson’s disease. Due to the way drumming helps increase communication abilities, it is also being implemented in various forms of therapy for people who struggle to find the words to express themselves.

While drumming in community definitely has value for many people, the implementation of drumming as a way to augment traditional therapeutic methods can profoundly benefit society. The more people are exposed to the concept of using drums for stress relief, the more we might find that more of us are expressing dormant creative and artistic talents. Using drumming as a coping skill benefits the drummer as well as those in the drummer’s environment. The better people feel, the more likely they are to share why they feel better and drumming is definitely cheaper than many of the routes people take on their quests for stress-free living.

Music has often had a place in work environments, helping the work seem to go by faster and more easily. Studies have shown that music helps reduce the perception of effort by 12%, which is a stress reliever in itself. When people feel as if a task has been made easier, they are less likely to engage in the anxiety-producing thinking they may have entered into otherwise. For this reason, modern work environments around the country are making music accessible in office spaces and incorporating drumming into their motivational and team-building agendas.

Drums are also perfect for stress relief due to the act of hitting the drum. The physical exertion helps release chemicals in our bodies that help improve our moods. We are living in increasingly stressful times, so drumming can be an effective tool for combating that. Drums help us relieve stress in a variety of ways, offering a holistic method of anxiety reduction in our compartmentalized lives.

29th Oct 2014

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