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Drums for Small Places

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have large homes or ample basement space in which to store our musical instruments. Small living spaces may be more the norm, whether or not that fits into our concept of ideal living. With this in mind, there are several different types of drums for small spaces. These drums help make it easier to bang out our favorite rhythms and create new ones. And, even for those of us with plenty of space in our homes for whatever kind of drums we desire, the following drum ideas might work well for vacations and holidays.

The Yamaha 8-Pad Digital Drums and Percussion Kit is ideal for those looking for a professional sound in a compact design. Drummers can connect their MP3 players directly to the device and play along to their favorite music and they can also download MIDI songs from the internet. The Kit boasts great stereo sound and the ability to reproduce percussion sounds from all over the world. There are 50 programmed drum kits plus the ability to create custom kits. Two assignable foot pedals are included and drummers who prefer to play the congas or Latin rhythms will find this the perfect drum for small spaces.

Another drum perfect for cozy arrangements is the CB Snare Kit with Cymbal. The chrome snare drum comes with a tripod stand for practice ease. There is also an attachable splash cymbal, making this a perfect practice instrument. For people who would love a drum kit, but simply lack the space to set one up, this Kit may be a wonderful compromise. CB Educational Percussion is a company well-known for quality and portability.

Of course, if you are looking for percussion instruments with more global appeal, you know that djembes are the international poster child for drums for small spaces. One of the great things about djembes is that they also make wonderful conversation pieces. While drum kits may seem intimidating to some, djembes tend to have the opposite effect. People often can’t seem to resist them!

Another great drum for small spaces may be the cajon. It could even serve as an extra chair when you have more company than expected. Whether your tastes and desires lean toward bongos or jazz drum kits, there are a variety of ways to meet your drumming needs regardless of how much space you have to spare. There are always companies coming out with new instruments to appeal to a wide range of needs, so don’t let little space deter you.

28th Oct 2014

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