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Drumming up Your Wedded Bliss

The day has finally come. You have met the love of your life and you both want to spend the rest of your lives together. You are planning a wonderful ceremony so that all the people you love can share this momentous occasion with you. But, what kind of music will you have? For some reason, this seems like the most important question. After much debate with your partner, you both decide upon drumming for your wedding ceremony.

Drumming has been used as part of ceremonies for thousands of years. For weddings, drumming makes a wonderful choice since the beat of a drum is likened to a heartbeat. Drumming during a wedding ceremony can be a way of symbolizing the love felt by the couple; a way of displaying the beating of each one’s heart when the other is around. Drums are also unifying instruments, so the use of drumming for weddings has the added benefit of complementing the community-building energy that most weddings attempt to create. These ceremonies are a time for the joining of families and drumming’s unifying force is perfect for such occasions.

Another benefit to drumming is the sense of fun it creates. Drumming is an activity that calls out to people. When there are drums around, people usually want to touch or bang on them. This tendency can be welcomed by having several drums available. If making your wedding a memorable event is on your list of things to do, an interactive drumming session is a perfect tactic to use. Drums can be used by anyone of any ability, so they are great for intergenerational ceremonies. Rather than hiring a band, put some drums out and invite family and friends to create music for the beloved couple.

Drummers might choose to use their wedding ceremony as a time to say something meaningful to their loves without using words. It could be both unconventional and heart-rending to have members of a couple dedicate a drum solo to each other. People who know how important drumming is in the lives of the couple would understand and it would serve as a unique way to use drumming for wedding and commitment ceremonies. Writing your own vows is standard fare these days; drummers have the opportunity to take it up a notch.

Regardless of how couples choose to use drumming for wedding ceremonies, they will invoke an energy that has blessed new couples for many centuries. Incorporating drums is a way of adding both traditional and modern flavors to a wedding. While most people think of the wedding march when planning their ceremonies, drummers can feel free to add something even older and more traditional to their celebrations.

28th Oct 2014

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