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Drumming Unleashes Inner Talents and Strengths

Each and every one of us has a talent or two (or more!) that is just waiting for its chance in the spotlight. Some of us are amazing chefs, while others can truly teach new tricks to old dogs. These talents and other personal strengths are what make each of us unique, interesting and inspirational people. When it comes to allowing ourselves the time for personal development, it can seem almost impossible to get into a groove for our own well being, however. Yet, giving ourselves the focus and time to develop our strengths and abilities is one of the most important gifts, ever.

Through drumming and rhythm, even if your musical talent stays in the shower, it is possible to learn how to develop your inner talents by training your mind to focus on the “now,” rather than the whirlwind of other thoughts that can steal away your precious “me” time. The act of drumming requires focus and concentration, while the benefits of playing, listening and being a part of rhythm helps the brain to process stress, anxiety and external stimulus. Unlike most other instruments, drums and percussion instruments give an instant sense of accomplishment when attempting a simple beat, straight out of the box.

Rhythm is also a creative activity, removing inhibitions and becoming a collaborative force when drumming in a community setting. By drumming or utilizing rhythm, you are teaching your mind to focus on one thing at a time, bringing the creative benefits of music and rhythm to the forefront, and establishing your commitment to yourself.

With a New Year beginning and a reclaimed desire to be the best you that you can be, drumming can help clear those mental cobwebs and help establish healthy habits, right before your eyes. By focusing on the rhythms present in your life, modeled by a fun session of drumming, your own inner talents and strengths will be ready to shine for the whole world to see.

28th Oct 2014

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