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Drumming to Stay Young

As we age, we begin to reflect the toll of stress, anxiety, and day-to-day life experiences, showing up in the lines on our faces and the more delicate movements of our bodies. Getting older has the benefits of wisdom and experience, but as the body ages, it can seem unfair to have gained such wisdom, at the expense of our physical well-being. Much of the aches and pains of growing up can be attributed to a lifestyle of hard work, stress-filled days and little time to enjoy life. In order to combat the effects of aging on the body, many physicians and researchers recommend taking time to reduce stress and anxiety, through natural methods, in order to calm the mind and help the body heal and age gracefully.

Natural relaxation methods can be anything from taking a nap to meditation to yoga. Hobbies that require focused attention can have the same effect, and are encouraged by healthcare providers as alternatives to medications or other treatments. Listening to music is another way to reduce stress and anxiety, and encourage a more youthful, vital outlook on life, and better still, playing music has the potential to encompass all of the benefits of relaxation, hobbies, physical exercise and creative outlets. Drumming, for example, not only provides a natural method for relaxation, but also the physical release needed to reduce stress and anxiety. When rest and relaxation are prescribed in order to look and feel younger, the beat of a drum could be the answer to how to get into a fresh state of mind.

As a type of “relaxation response,” drumming allows the mind to turn inward while tapping out a rhythm. Becoming more mindful of an activity such as drumming helps reduce the external stimulus and the overwhelming sensations of a constantly buzzing mind. This quiet observation of the self through drumming can bring an anti-aging effect to the drummer, naturally reducing stress and encouraging a relaxed feeling that ultimately benefits the mind and body. With this combination of rhythm, music, and self-care, the stresses of the day seem to melt away, leaving more room for good physical and mental health.

From exercise and diet changes, to activities that encourage rest and relaxation, anti-aging techniques can be found in all aspects of life. For the musically-inclined, creative or curious person, picking up a drum and beating out a rhythm alone, or in a drum circle for seniors, can be the perfect solution for anti-aging and the quest for the mythical fountain of youth.

28th Oct 2014

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