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Drumming to Quiet the Mind

Meditation is often advised for people who are experiencing problems with stress, anxiety and other conditions. Quieting the mind, however, is never an easy process, especially for those just beginning to explore meditation, which is why many people choose to use guided meditations, music or drumming in order to train the mind into a state of relaxation and meditation.

When using drumming to quiet the mind for meditation, there are several ways that the rhythms can be applied, depending on the situation. For some, a session with a live drummer may be the best way to achieve a meditative state, whether it is in a drum circle or just a friend with a djembe. The personal connection that the drummer has with the person or people meditating can create a more individualized environment and personalized rhythms that can adapt to the person, his or her goals, and the others in the room. A drummer who is experienced with the techniques required to induce a meditative state are more able to stretch out any time needed during the stages of relaxation, meditation and the closing of the meditation journey.

The "lead" drummer may also experience the benefits of the practice, as a natural relaxation occurs in the mind through the rhythms. Since the person or people drumming are considered the leaders in the exercise, their own participation is necessary to an extent, as it helps connect the minds and bodies of those in the room. While the drummer may need to maintain more awareness than those listening to the beat, the rhythm played and the act of drumming, itself, naturally connects to the drummer’s mind, providing many of the same benefits as the people who are listening to the beat.

Quieting the mind can be a difficult task for even the most experienced meditation practitioner, which is why many people use music and rhythm in order to gently fall into a more relaxed state of mind. For a person who is experience with meditation, quieting the mind and drumming, being able to share the knowledge and experience with others is part of the magic of drumming. Understanding the role of someone who is able to help create a quiet space in the minds of others is important, and as the rhythm gives peace to participants, the leader still gains personal and wellness benefits. It is truly a win-win situation when we choose to quiet our minds through drumming.

28th Oct 2014

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