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Drumming: the Cure for the Common Cold?

Whether facing the winter sniffles, or a more serious illness, building immunity in the body is important for everyone. Health concerns can be minorly disruptive, causing a lack of productivity at work or home, or debilitating, depending on the severity. Medical professionals often point to several factors when it comes to illness, including stress and anxiety, and may have a new tool in the fight against illness: drumming.

Research shows that drumming is a physical activity that not only engages the mind, but, helps to eliminate stress and anxiety from the body. Through rhythm, we are able to access the mind and help it find a healthier pattern that naturally eliminates the chaotic thoughts we face each day. Plus, with the physical aspect of drumming, we are allowed a release of the pent up frustration that can be caused by our daily routines. Because of this ability to relieve stress and anxiety, drumming helps increase immunity, enabling our bodies to better fight off illnesses by enabling the body to devote more energy into fighting off germs, viruses and infection. Additionally, a 2001 study shows that not only does drumming reduce stress hormones, but, it also directly increases the number of specialized white blood cells available to fight cancer or HIV/AIDS.

Reducing stress is not only a matter of better physical condition, but, it is obviously mental, as well. When faced with stress, whether due to an illness itself, or for other reasons, the mind can get stuck in a loop that acts as a constant affirmation of the negative feelings. The “mental game” in an illness can be just as effective as medications, vitamins and supplements, and by increasing healthy feelings, a person’s ability to feel physically better also increases.

Immunity-boosting can not only fight against illness, but, can allow for a more positive feeling of motivation throughout a day, as well. With the addition of drumming into a wellness plan, the body and mind both benefit from the physical, mental and creative aspects of rhythm. Pick up a drum the next time you feel a cold settling in, and see how well you can beat that virus!

28th Oct 2014

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