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Drumming in Schools

Teaching children the value of music, especially music that gets little radio play, can be invaluable to a well-rounded education and a child’s self esteem. If your daughter or son has ever used your pots and pans or a bucket for a drum, then you know the fun they have when they get a chance to make music.

Music education is going far beyond marching band, choir and orchestra in our schools today. While fine arts budget cuts are abundant, there are still plenty of alternative musical programs being offered in schools and as after school enrichment classes. Some schools are offering guitar classes, while others have programs that teach Celtic music or even African Drumming with Djembe drums.

If you look around your community, you may also find fun ways to engage your child with music he or she wants to learn and play. Rock classes, workshops and camps are popping up everywhere, giving your child a “rock star” experience while keeping them safe and teaching them music, performance and team work. Musical theater classes expose children to the wonders of show tunes, theater and historical music.

Whether your child plays bagpipes, trumpet or drums, there are many new and inventive options available to increase their musical knowledge and confidence. Music has proven to be an imperative part of education, helping to increase attention as well as skills such as math. Take advantage of the alternative music education resources in your community and help give your kids an experience that can last a lifetime.

29th Oct 2014

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