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Drumming for Addictions Therapy

Addictions and substance abuse problems are some of the most common issues faced in the world today. Rehabilitation facilities, counseling and treatment programs are all outstanding ways to break free from and addition or substance abuse problem. Counselors and substance abuse prevention professionals are trained in various methods that can help an addict find peace and move forward into a new life full of hope. As with many other treatment programs and therapeutic environments, the inclusion of drumming within a substance abuse or addictions counseling program has provided positive results for its patients.

Drumming, with its mental health and spiritual connection, can easily compliment the methods popular programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, by helping to forge a community bond while providing a means for non-verbal communication. Participants in substance abuse programs that incorporate drumming have noticed a similar ease in anxiety and stress levels while drumming as was felt while using drugs or alcohol. In a clinical or rehabilitation environment, the action of drumming can act as an emotional release, establishing a healthy means of expressing pain and anger that can be easily explored with a Djembe or other hand percussion instrument at home, once a patient is released from treatment or when community meetings are not possible. In addition to the emotional effects, drumming can also give recovering addicts a focus beyond the addictions being battled. Since drumming has a vast array of rhythms and there are many types of drums to choose from, the options available to the recovering addict can be a long-standing hobby that promises variety and challenge.

Programs like “Drumming out Drugs” are finding success as complimentary therapies for those already in addictions or substance abuse counseling facilities or programs. With methods that encompass team-building, “call and response” drumming and leadership opportunities plus the creation of a group energy that relaxes the mind and body, drumming within treatment and addictions recovery programs can be seen as a non-invasive, fun and complimentary way to assist an addict in eliminating unhealthy choices.

Drumming touches the hearts and minds of those who play, facilitate and listen to the rhythm played. As a source of alternative healing therapy, drumming may be another tool in the fight against addiction and substance abuse, one that provides a creative outlet and encourages full-body and mind wellness.

29th Oct 2014

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