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Drumming Encourages Motivation

It’s that time of year, again. School has started and people of all ages are feeling the crunch. Mornings may get hectic around this time of year, especially for households with young children and teens. However, drums can save the day! Throughout history, drums have been used to motivate people, especially soldiers. This long, traditional use of drums is still seen today, as many military personnel play the drums for their countries. We also see this reflected in marching bands, which were not always simply an enjoyable part of a parade or football game.

Because drumming encourages motivation, it can be used to great effect in the home. If mornings tend to be sluggish for your family, put on a drumming CD or have the family drummer bang out some music. Drumming rhythms tap into our core, drawing us out of our slumps and making us want to play along. Drum beats are music for the soul. As such, playing some drumming music in the mornings can get us going a little easier. We will find ourselves wanting to keep up with the tempo, so put on something invigorating!

Drumming is also great for car rides. Playing a drumming CD or, if you’re lucky, having a drummer in the back seat beating a rhythm on a small djembe or doumbek while in transit is a great way to prepare everyone for the day ahead. Drums not only encourage motivation in our limbs, but our brains are triggered by the beats, as well. When on the way to work or school, listen to some drumming and you will eventually notice you feel more centered and creative while doing your work. No matter what type of drumming you like, you will feel energized and ready to take on the day.

Of course, it would be wonderful if every workplace and learning facility greeted us with live drumming as we entered the buildings or campus, but that’s not likely to happen anytime soon. Although drumming encourages motivation, it has yet to become a normal feature of life in our society. Many schools, however, are taking notice of the social benefits of drumming and are adding drum groups to the end of the regular school day. The groups usually use non-traditional or African drums instead of the drums found in band classes.

Drumming is a great way to get your energy going in the mornings and keep it going throughout the day. Start your day with some drumming and then use drumming to encourage your motivation during your afternoon slump. Rather than grabbing something sweet or a cup of coffee for those sugar or caffeine highs, get high on the sound of drums. You may find it benefits more than just your waistline and it will keep you going for as long as the rhythm stays with you.

28th Oct 2014

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