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Drumming and Self-esteem

It can be said that drumming is an exercise in creativity and self-expression. From the various beats of the drum to the entire learning process of mastering an instrument, drumming is music, yet, it is more than music. Drumming brings about an awareness of the physical and mental, as well as connections to others, all of which can be beneficial to the mind, body and emotional state of a person. Through drumming, however, another aspect of personal development can be affected: self-esteem.

Self-esteem is a concept that relies on the opinion of the self, and the value of a person in the world. Throughout our lives, we struggle with how we view ourselves, and even how we affect the world outside our mental and emotional walls. While self-esteem comes from within, the external influences of following our passions and desires or contributing to the world can be crucial to building strong self-esteem. Much of this can come from living an authentic life and finding the inner strength to honor the inner drive and motivation of the self. Drumming has the ability to draw out these qualities in a person, in a passive manner, allowing the self to grow and evolve through the process of drumming.

Picking up a drum and hitting a few beats can be the beginning of the journey. Making the choice to make music, to define a rhythm, can set a positive self-esteem plan into motion. Playing music or hitting a drum, like a Djembe, has a natural ability to bring out a natural love for life through personal expression. Creativity can be a springboard toward self-realization, and finding out the inner workings of the mind brings insight and the ability to move forward in a positive manner by eliminating patterns or thoughts that no longer serve the good of the self. Plus, the challenge of drumming can produce a motivating factor that seeps into other aspects of life.

Once drumming has become a priority or a motivating force, learning how to drum is an exercise in cause and effect, with unstoppable rewards. Through the mastery of a rhythm, or overcoming a fear of performance, drumming gives drummers a vast array of benefits that can also be motivating factors in drumming, as well as in life. This motivation and success pattern feed into self-esteem through the feeling of accomplishment when faced with a challenge, and the best part is that drumming is so diverse, the challenges are seemingly unending. Additionally, drumming is a physical outlet for stress and anxiety, helping to eliminate brain clutter than can overshadow the belief in the self.

Throughout a drumming journey, the opportunities for building self-esteem can be found in the mastery of the drum, the creativity allowed by drumming, and the experience of drumming with others. Try picking up a drum when feeling low, and recognize the change in mood after just hitting a few beats. Self-esteem starts with the self, and by taking command of beneficial exercise in music, rhythm and creativity, self-esteem cannot help but grow.

29th Oct 2014

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