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Drumming and Prayer

If drumming is a means to establish an otherworldly state of mind, among other pursuits, then drumming is a powerful way to initiate prayer and intention into the world.

Shamanistic practitioners know the power of the drum and drum circle, and incorporate those rhythms into their own healing sessions, meditations and prayers by focusing on the rhythms that relate not only through their spiritual or ancestral lineage, but also the same rhythms that can be found in the deep recesses of the earth, nature or their very own heart beats. Drumming can also add an earthy, spiritual sound to even the simplest of songs that seek to uplift and give hope to congregations and audiences. Spiritual drumming is not just for followers of shamanistic or earth-based religious paths, but can also enhance the spiritual experience of any religious congregation. In its ability to bring people together with its unifying beats, drumming has the potential to take a prayer and turn it into a powerful, group intention with the simple addition of the rhythm of drums like Djembes or bongos.

No matter the faith or religion, the addition of drumming into a sacred service or ritual helps to establish a connection between not only the members in attendance, but also a connection between the thoughts and prayers of the person and their higher power. Drumming or even the steady beat of a drum within sacred music can unify people in ways that ordinary music may not be able to, bringing a higher level of peace and belonging to everyone from drum circle participants and church congregations.

29th Oct 2014

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