Drumming and Fitness

With the New Year in full swing, it’s an opportune time to make changes and focus on healthier living. From better food choices to a new exercise regimen, the sky is the limit when it comes to feeling better, both mentally and physically. Not only can a new focus on wellness create optimistic changes in one’s own mind and body, but it can also inspire others to join on a journey of self-improvement, creating a whole community of positive energy overall healthy lifestyles.

Exercise and fitness classes, like Zumba, or any aerobic or cardio-based class rely on the presence of music and rhythm to keep participants moving. Scientific evidence points to the connection of rhythm with the heartbeat of a person as a method to increase the effectiveness of exercise, allowing the body to burn more calories than those without any sort of musically-based motivation. The beat of a Djembe or other percussion instrument, whether live or recorded, can be a tremendous help for those needing an extra boost during an exercise routine.

Zumba fitness

Dancing, of course, requires the presence of music and rhythm. Whether in a belly dance class with Doumbek drumming, African dance accompanied by a Cajon or Salsa dancing with Congas, the odds of a successful dance class rely on the presence of drumming. The same feeling can be experienced while running on a treadmill or toning up with weights. When it comes to the mental aspects of wellness, a session of drumming, either with or without the intention of meditation, can help reduce and release stress and anxiety, promoting an overall feeling of well-being and connection between the mind and body.

Drumming can be an essential part of physical and mental health and wellness. From the subtle, solo beat of a Djembe to the thrashing rhythm of unstoppable bass drumming, the pulse of music serves to relax, rejuvenate or motivate. When exercising, meditating, or somewhere in-between, these tempos take on a new meaning, allowing the listener to not only gain the benefit of the driving beat, but also the underlying wellness associated with rhythm.

29th Oct 2014

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