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Drummer of Tomorrow Contest Announced!

Drummers come in all styles, from basement shredders to wedding band rockers to jazz ensemble rhythmists. Most drummers find success comes through hard work, determination, and even a little bit of luck, and it is with these drummers in mind that the Drummer of Tomorrow contest has arisen, seeking the next greatest drummer.

Brands like Mapex, Zildjian, Remo, Alfred and Vic Firth are providing prizes packages that total over $50,000 to lucky U.S. winners that submit videos to the Drummer of Tomorrow Contest website. All videos must be three minutes in length and in digital form, using the tracks provided on the website, a drum solo or a video of the drummer playing along to a track of the contestant’s choice. The contest runs from June 1, 2011 through July 31, 2011 with weekly “viewer’s choice” winners as well as prizes for quarter finalists, semi-finalists, finalists, and a U.S. winner. Prizes are also available for winning drummers under age 18.

Prizes include Zildjian A series or Zildjian A Custom series cymbals, Vic Firth drum sticks, a Led Zeppelin prize package from Alfred, Mapex drum kit, a $500 Remo shopping spree and other drumming swag to enchant even the most serious drummer.Winners will be flown to exotic locations across the country, with the final showcase occurring in Germany. Plus, the top winner will be featured on the Mapex Drums official artist roster and receive an artist endorsement contact. For full details on the loot, rules and guidelines, be sure to check out the contest website at

From pounding the drums to pounding the pavement, drumming is a labor of love that relies on the attitude, skills and dedication of the drummer. The Drummer of Tomorrow contest is ready to discover new talent and reward the rhythmic styles of tomorrow’s drummers. Get your drums and cymbals together, grab a video camera and get ready to make a splash, crash your way into fame and ride the road to drumming stardom.

18th Jun 2015

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