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Drum Pedals of the Pros

The depth and pulsing rhythm of a song is one of the most important aspects of music. Between the bass guitar and the bass drum, the strongest rhythms are only as good as the equipment used to produce those hard-hitting, powerful and driving beats. Professional drummers understand the importance of having not only a bass drum that creates a unique bass tone, but also the right drum pedal to help achieve those rhythms and create a personal drumming style.

For the amateur, student, hobby or pro drummer, knowing the equipment of some of drumming’s best drummers can help achieve a sound and style of drumming to match even the most creative rhythmic aspirations. Whether playing jazz, rock, metal, country, Latin or any other style of music, these drum pedals will give any drummer the perfect sound for the gig.

Roy Haynes is one of the foremost jazz drummers today. As an idol for many throughout the world of music, Haynes is considered “the father of modern drumming.” Today, well into his eighties, Haynes continues to delight audiences and fans everywhere. His unique style and sound are his alone, with a little help from his Ludwig Speed King bass drum pedal.

Joey Jordison crashed into the music scene as the unparalleled drummer for Slipknot. Known for his amazing speed and technique, Jordison continues to encourage the seemingly impossible metal bass beats. Jordison uses the Pearl Eliminator with the red offset cam, best known for its ultimate speed capabilities.

Sheila E. has a place in the heart of every fan of music from the 1980s, but, her presence in the music scene has grown much further than her days with Prince. As an accomplished composer, vocalist, percussionist and incredible drummer, Sheila E. continues to challenge and drive the world of drumming and percussion today. When drumming, Sheila E. uses the DW- 5002AD3 Delta3 Double Pedal.

Taylor Hawkins, one of the most energetic drummers in rock today, has a talent for drumming that continues to astonish fans and his fellow musicians. As the former drummer for Alanis Morissette and the current drummer for Foo Fighters , Hawkins has proven his talent and dedication to drumming and music around the world. Hawkins’ drum set includes the DW 9000 Series kick pedal.

No matter the style of drumming or genre of music, the right bass pedal has a way of creating a memorable sound of a song, and defining the drum style of a musician. Discovering new sounds and rhythms through the vast array of drum pedals on the market today is one of the best ways for any drummer or percussionist to create or refine a personal drumming style and sound.

28th Oct 2014

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