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Drum Circle Venues

Whether you are a novice drummer or a drum circle leader, the place where the drum circle occurs can make the event even more fun and beneficial for the rest of the drumming participants. Drum circles are regularly thought of as impromptu gatherings around a bonfire or scheduled events inside a healing or other wellness center, but some of the most unusual places can be incredible venues for drumming, dancing and a community of percussionists to come together in the spirit of rhythm and fun. All it takes is a few people, a few djembes, bongos, rattles or shakers, and the desire to make a little rhythm and music.

Drum circles are probably best known as outdoor gatherings in parks, on a beach or any other natural setting. These settings are perfect for the drummers who like to play loud, are inspired by the sounds of nature as well as those who have a spiritual or religious reverence for the earth and cosmos. Rainbow or other “hippie” gatherings and parking lots before and after the concert of a famous band may spark a drum circle, as well. Flea markets, farmer's markets and neighborhood gatherings in a front or back yard are all great places for drum circles to take place, and there is always the chance at a powwow or other outdoor festival that a drum circle may erupt.

Indoor drum circles are more common during cold or inclement weather, or for more intense or focused healing and wellness intention. Recreation centers, schools, churches, libraries and spiritual centers are all common venues for indoor drum circles. Metaphysical or music stores and community rooms at malls, hospitals or even in hotels and conference centers may be potential locations for indoor drum circles. With the increasing popularity of belly dancing and other live entertainment, many restaurants and bars are also opening up their space for drumming and dancing activities.

Drum circles, whether indoors or outdoors can also be elaborate, multi-location events the world over. For charities and causes, ceremonies or professionally-led instructional drumming events can take place in well known locations like national parks, food courts or even places like the National Mall.

Finding a drum circle may be as simple as walking through a local park, calling up a local community center, or even finding an event online. If you are a drum circle coordinator, or a drummer in a local circle, we want to know! Like us on Facebook and give us the details about your own circle!

29th Oct 2014

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