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Drum Circle and Rhythm Facilitation Training in Austin TX

There is a way to immediately rivet a group…really capture and hold their attention totally and completely, regardless of age. Whether you are already a percussionist or musician seeking another way to express your musical abilities with groups, or you are a facilitator, classroom teacher or enthusiast with no 'musical' experience, the world of Rhythm Facilitation offers amazing tools for group energy!

As a rhythm facilitator, you can use the universally energizing power of everything form hand percussion to drums to engage groups, small or large. And with the right training, you can (anyone can!) do this without any previous musical experience.

Rhythm programs are currently used in corporate, school and community settings to optimize groups' abilities to achieve planned goals and objectives; from the most focused team development or social emotional learning objective to inspiring community connections.

Co sponsored by X8 Interactive Drumming, the Rhythm Play!™ training gives you unique, proven, rhythm-based facilitation skills that deliver learning and inspire groups.

Join Us for the 2013 Rhythm Play!™ Facilitator Training

March 15-17 2013, Austin, TX!

What Will Participants Learn?

The art of Rhythm Program Facilitation is rich with opportunities for growth and empowerment of both facilitator and participant. The Rhythm Play!tm Intensive is designed to provide practice with the core skills needed to facilitate all types of rhythm programming, and the sensibilities needed to become an excellent facilitator.

Why Use Rhythm?

For Corporate Programming

Rhythm programs can be one of the most potent ways to inspire teamwork and ignite ‘esprit de corps’ while simultaneously developing team and leadership skills. An organization’s greatest resource is it’s people – rhythm programming ignites the potential in the people.

For Youth Development

Drumming and rhythm based programs are instantly engaging to youth. With this immediate receptivity, a learning context is created to do real development.

For Community-building

Utilizing rhythm in community setting is truly spectacular. It allows a facilitator to bring diverse groups together to celebrate, unify and share in the joy of music making.

Who Should Participate?

Facilitators seeking to deepen and expand their skills

Facilitators seeking excellent new tools for their activity toolbox (corporate, community, youth)

Rhythm program Facilitators

Drum Circle Facilitators

Music Teachers

Music Therapists

Classroom Teachers

Anyone interested in rhythm/drum circle facilitation

Summer Camp Staff/Camp Faculty

Experiential Program Facilitators

Recreational Program Staff

For More Information:

Kenya Masala | Director, Source Consulting Group | 512.293.2400

or visit

28th Oct 2014

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