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Do-It-Yourself (or Not) Effects Snare Drum Magic

A drum set, or any type of percussion set, can be enhanced though the addition of more drums, percussion instruments and other accents. In fact, one of the best things about owning drums or a drum set is the ability to customize the sound to the drummer’s taste. Even better, however, is the well-known fact that a drummer can never have too many drums, and that any drum can be modified into an “effects” drum to create an even more unique look, taste and feel to the drum set or collection. After all, from djembe to timbales and beyond, a drum is an evolution of its person’s rhythmic style.

The snare drum is perhaps the best example of a true “effects drum,” with metal springs or wires attached to the drum to create the scratchy sound that is a central focus of the drum set. Snare drums are already equipped to have additional sound accessories attached to the drum stand, including cowbells or blocks. Some snares even come with pre-made accessories attached, making it less “do-it-yourself,” but much easier.

An effects snare drum does not have to stop there. In fact, there are dozens of ways to include other sounds on a snare drum, including jingles from a tambourine, bells or even bottle caps. There are different ways to tune a snare drum that can easily create a unique vibe to the beat. Certain drum heads will already have holes that can be used to attach different metal pieces to the drum, along the rim, to assist in the customization of the sound using these types of materials. Some drummers will even “port” the drum shell, creating holes in the drum for a different type of sound.

Because of the virtually unlimited possibilities of sound that come from customizing a drum set, a drummer’s ability to express his or her inner rhythmic essence is easier than many think. Take the time to compare pre-made effects snare drums and research what else is possible. The snare drum you create will be nothing less than a work of art!

Have you customized the sound of your snare drum, or any other drum in your collection? Tell us the details in the comments!

29th Oct 2014

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