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Do Modern Kit Drummers and World Drummers Have the Same Musical Needs?

Assuming the audience reading this is a drummer, we'd like to know more about your drumming needs as we expand our product offering.

We want to know if modern kit drummers and world music hand drummers are interested in the same instruments and accessories.

  • Do kit drummers know what duns, doumbeks and djembes are?
  • Do world drummers appreciate toms and drum pedals?
  • Where do their needs overlap?
  • Would there be more interest in crossing over from one to the other if there was more educational material about it?
  • Which of these describe you best:
    a. Modern Kit Drummer, no hand drumming knowledge or desire
    b. Modern Kit Drummer, some crossover
    c. Modern Kit Drummer, world drumming is also my thing. Even split
    d. World Hand Drummer, no kit drumming knowledge or desire
    e. World Hand Drummer, some crossover
    f. World Hand Drummer, kit drumming is also my passion. Even split
  • What is one thing X8 can do to improve the online shopping experience for both types of drummers? (feel free to list more than one thing :-)

We appreciate your participation in this poll and for your feedback. We're always working to improve your experience with X8 Drums by being smart, fast and friendly.

28th Oct 2014

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