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X8 Drums Online Djembe Lessons: Kakilambe Rhythm

In this lesson Michael Pluznick will show you how to take the traditional Kakilambe Rhythm arrangement and play it on one drum. You will learn three different parts of the Kakilambe rhythm that can be played on djembe.

In this video:

  • Introduction to Kakilambe Rhythm with three djembe players
  • Breakdown of the rhythm parts
    • Kakilambe Call/Break
    • Kakilambe accompaniment part 1
    • Kakilambe dundunba part on djembe
    • Combination of the traditional djembe part with the dundunba part.
    • Slow motion and multiple views of each part
    • Review of all parts with full group where each person is playing a part that was taught in the lesson

This video was made using the MP Eco Pro djembe


Pluznick djembe

by Michael Pluznick

29th Oct 2014

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