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Didgeridoo, Vibrational Medicine and Sound Therapy

Tuning forks, singing bowls, drums and the sounds of nature have all been used in “vibrational medicine” settings, helping people attempting to achieve better mental health, less pain or a deeper understanding of their own wellness. Non-invasive, therapeutic techniques have been used since the beginning of time to enhance wellness and health goals, but sound therapy continues to bring a variety of methods and outcomes for anyone willing to spend some time… just listening.

The didgeridoo is one of the many tools used in vibrational medicine and sound therapy. Considering the age and purpose of the “didge,” it may not be much of a surprise to find this instrument in these non-traditional settings, with a healing purpose. Australian Aboriginals used the instrument for many purposes, from communication and celebration to reducing symptoms of tribe members facing illness or injury. Since the sound and tone of the didgeridoo is a low, pulsing rumble, the vibrational medicine and sound therapy potential is palpable. Both the didge player and the person hearing the sound of the instrument are affected by the music played, in different ways that ultimately encourage peace, mindfulness and more. Much like listening to music for relaxation or meditation, the song of the didgeridoo helps reduce stress and anxiety and provides a means for focus.

For those with sleep issues, such as sleep apnea, research is showing that “didgeridoo therapy” is helping people sleep better. This is attributed to the “circular breathing” technique that is required to play a didgeridoo, that promotes better circulation, better lung function and more oxygen in the system overall. Didgeridoo players are able to combine the health benefits of the physical activity of circular breathing with the focus and concentration needed to accurately play the instrument, plus, the sound of the instrument itself.

Vibrational medicine and sound therapy continues to evolve as a non-traditional approach to reducing the stress and anxiety we all experience, each day. With the benefits of a didgeridoo, whether playing or listening, there seems to be a strong place for this instrument in all types of therapeutic situations, but, particularly in those where stress and anxiety contributes to problems with the most basic functions of life.

Have you experienced vibrational medicine or sound therapy with a didgeridoo or other instrument? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

28th Oct 2014

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