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Cymbal Sets for New or Better Sound

The right cymbal is just as important as the right drum when it comes to finding a style and sound that fits the drummer. When a drummer first begins to explore the cymbal options available, it can seem an overwhelming task, especially with all of the various types of cymbals available from manufacturers today. Experimenting with different brands of cymbals can give a drummer the insight needed to produce a unique vibe on the drums, but perhaps the easiest way to begin the journey to cymbal greatness is through the use of cymbal sets.

Cymbal sets are available in many different configurations, from a simple four-pack “essential” set, such as the Paiste Universal PST5 Cymbal Set that features a 16" crash, 20" ride, and 14" hi-hats, to the seven piece, limited edition Sabian B8 Super Cymbal Set that includes 14" hi-hats, a 14" crash, a 16" thin crash, a 20" ride cymbal, a 18" thin crash, and a 10" splash. Each of these cymbal sets can easily be introduced onto a current drum rig, and are backed by the manufacturers’ longstanding reputations as experts in the production and design of cymbals.

For the drummer considering a change of cymbals, or just to add to the flavor of the rhythm, a cymbal set can be one of the more strategic purchases to enhance sound, style and overall flair while drumming. A cymbal set not only gives a drummer a chance to experiment with sound, but it can also be an easy way to learn the basics of drumming and cymbals.

17th Jun 2015

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