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Crazy for Cajons!

The cajon drum originated in Peru and has been one of the most popular percussion instruments available since the eighteenth century. There are so many different types of cajons to enjoy, you might wonder where you should begin. If you are new to the world of cajons, the variety and selection may seem overwhelming. Let us go over some cajon options you will see when shopping for your next, favorite drum.

Meinl’s Headliner Series Cajon with Siam Oak is a great option for anyone who loves playing the cajon. With its traditional look, it delivers classic cajon sounds that are great in Flamenco and world music. The drum produces as many sounds as a full drum set with a single piece of equipment. The top corners of this cajon are adjustable, allowing for an even greater variety in sound. There are nylon guitar strings against the oak frontplate, allowing the drummer to control the amount of sizzle that can be heard during a performance. In addition to a non-slip top, this cajon comes with an unbeatable price.

X8’s Vintage Ash Cajon is constructed by hand of quality materials. The resonance box is made of Asian oak, while the faceplate is fitted with Sungkai wood. The guitar strings inside the Vintage Ash Cajon run vertically along the inside of the faceplate, providing enough crackle to compliment the warmer tones that come from the lower end of the drum. Also included is a diffuser plate in the resonance box to provide increased bass. This cajon provides a versatile sound and comes with a reasonable enough price to tempt any percussionist.

The Kopf Percussion DeUno Snare Cajon is a modernized version of the traditional Peruvian and Cuban cajons. The resonance box is constructed of poplar and the playing surfaces are made of Baltic birch. Yes, you read that correctly. This cajon boasts two playing surfaces (also called tapas) as well as a cushioned top for comfortable seating. Buying this single drum is like purchasing two cajons. One playing surface features four non-adjustable guitar strings and the other has none. Both of the playing surfaces are glued to the frame, which works to create rich overtones and resonance. The vinyl seat comes with two inches of padding.

These three cajons are wonderful options for either someone just starting out or a cajon master. All are high-quality drums that would boon any cajon collection. Cajons are versatile instruments that are still gaining popularity in various music genres. Whether one’s musical tastes run toward the blues, fusion, or pop, there is a cajon for everyone.

28th Oct 2014

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