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A Commitment... and Drumming

A wedding is a moment to last a lifetime, celebrating the love and commitment of two people pledging to share their lives with each other, surrounded by family and friends. Weddings are as unique as the individuals celebrating this commitment, and while many of these commitment ceremonies remain traditional, each wedding has its own flavor representing the personalities involved. From the flowers to the cake, the clothes to the music, a wedding can define a couple, their relationship and their thoughts and feelings about the future, together.

With the historical significance of drumming, and its presence in our lives today, weddings and commitment ceremonies are often utilizing drums within these events. Traditionally speaking, drums have been an essential part of celebrations throughout time, and across the globe. As drumming continues to weave its way back into our lives, the use of drums seems to be a natural way to incorporate both the history of a culture, a love of music, and today’s drum popularity with a hope for the future. In fact, with the underlying connection drumming has with community-building, the use of Djembes, Congas and Bongos may be significant in the support felt by the couple during a wedding or civil union ceremony.

Drums also make weddings fun. For the guests, either during the ceremony or reception, the ability to pick up a drum and beat out a rhythm can make these events an incredible memory, as well. Joining with others in celebration of life and love through improvised rhythms or “call and response” drumming can perk up the mood of guests, allowing for a truly memorable experience as they beat away on the head of a drum, adding their own unique rhythm to the day.

For those who have already committed to drumming in their lives, the use of drums at a wedding or other celebration is a natural addition to the fun, and expresses a creative personality (or personalities) beautifully. For others looking to create a completely memorable experience during a wedding or commitment ceremony, or throughout a reception, bringing in drums can also give the same spark to the celebration, and maybe even be the beginning of an important connection to music, rhythm and the cultures that define drumming.

29th Oct 2014

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