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Claves, Bongos and the Cuban Beat

Cuba is known for having a big influence in the sound and style of music today. As the music of Cuba is the result of several cultures blended over time, it has not only created very familiar grooves for its own population, but, has inspired music everywhere else. Perhaps more than the strong beat of a Salsa tune or the sultry vibe of the Rumba is the unique sound of Cuban percussion instruments. From the Claves to the Bata, and with a few Congas and Bongos thrown in the mix, Cuban percussion brings a style and flavor of its own throughout the music landscape.

Cuban percussion sound is the claves, seemingly simple instruments that many have said are the definition of Cuban music. Not only are claves specially-designed wooden sticks created with a beautiful, resonant tone in mind, but, there are many techniques involved in playing these instruments in order to fully encourage the wide range of sound possibilities.

Because of the ubiquitous nature of Cuban percussion instruments in all genres of music today, the cultural development of the sound and music of Cuba can easily be overlooked. However, without that cultural innovation and dedication to a love of music, our favorite songs would be without that certain zest and love of life that can only come from Cuban percussion.

28th Oct 2014

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